The cannabis industry has afforded us a multitude of ways to microdose cannabis. A burgeoning edibles market has brands formulating low dose options for people seeking precise control. While tinctures rule microdosing with measured dropper delivery.

Why Less is More

While “go big or go home” works for most scenarios in life, it doesn’t always work best for cannabis life. Cannabis experts routinely suggest a “less is more” approach to achieve the best outcome. Ingesting smaller doses allows the consumer to find their optimal dose, which results in the most therapeutic benefits.

Besides getting the most out of your cannabis experience, there are a couple of less obvious reasons to start low and take it slow. First, it costs less to use less cannabis! In addition, microdosing cannabis is a good way to introduce it into your life instead of taking higher doses that result in “higher experiences.”

Microdosing Cannabis Techniquelow dose cannabis

There are different schools of thought about how to start a microdosing routine. All agree that it’s important to abstain from cannabis for at least 48 hours before beginning. This resets your tolerance level for cannabis. Once that happens, the protocol usually involves ingesting between 3mg – 10mg, then waiting an hour to assess how you feel before taking another 3mg – 10mg. When effects become apparent without the presence of euphoria, the optimal dose has been identified. Repeat the microdosing routine each day for three days with your optimal dose. A microdose can be taken in the morning and in the evening to maintain the beneficial effects.

Using small doses of cannabis is not about getting high, it’s about getting healthy. It takes much less THC to produce therapeutic effects than it does to create a psychoactive result. The types of ailments that can benefit from a microdose of cannabis are stress, anxiety, and pain relief. Moreover, microdosing makes it possible to treat these conditions without side effects or the interruption that being impaired might bring to the day.

More Than Relief

Microdosing cannabis can bring more than relief to your life. It’s also a way to improve your focus, creativity, and productivity. The uplifting effects that small doses of cannabis can have on the mind and body result in the positive mood required to accomplish thoughtful tasks seamlessly. People have reported increased spatial awareness when microdosing that can help them achieve at a higher level.

The cannabis industry has made it easy to start microdosing with small dose edibles and precisely formulated tinctures. However, navigating this landscape of products can be a bit overwhelming. Our professional staff at Green Kong is ready to hear your microdosing goals and help you find the perfect cannabis product from our selection of top-quality, state-compliant brands. Visit our store, call, or place an order using our online menu.

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