Another @pearl_pharma pick up of the Sin Mint Cookies strain #sinmintcookies yesterday.

Lineage/Genetics: Blue Power x Forum Cut GSC

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Original Breeder: Sin City Seeds

Grower: Pearl Pharma

Dispensary: Green Kong

Whats Pearl Pharma's Story?

In the business of marijuana, resilience is key, and none know this better than the founders of Pearl Pharma. Our cultivation experience dates back to 1998, when our founders fell in love with growing marijuana and wanted to provide medical marijuana patients with the highest quality flower available on the Prop215 market. They spent the subsequent years in research and development, seeking seeds for particular genetics and developing the optimal growing conditions for selected stains. The struggles of experimentation is trial and error, and Pearl Pharma’s founders endured pain staking losses from these experiments like entire crops coming out seeded or simply not being smokable. Those small battles eventually refined an exquisite menu of cannabis with unheard of flavor, aroma, and potency. The most valuable pearls are formed over many years as did Pearl Pharma to form their menu of cannabis.


They say this about their strains: 


“Pearl Pharma pushes the boundaries of what is expected from the traditional cannabis smoke experience. Our flowers exude rich, decadent flavor profiles from their densely resinous buds, and hail from tireless research and attention to our crops. Our menu offers a range of buds suitable both for social occasions, athletic recovery or simply winding down alone. If you’re looking to toke on the absolute gems of cannabis, Pearls are always appropriate. – Pearl Pharma

Pearl Pharma Sin Mint Cookies Strain Review


+ 25% THC content on this one frequently. The nugs out of the jar are dense but not rock hard. Smells earthy with a faint citrus minty combo. Hand grinds easy and leaves your fingers with kief and crystals, but watch yourself if using a grinder. A few turns could be too many. The vibrant light green, red hairs, hints of purple leaves are covered inside and out.

The first bong load of the AM is slow on the body high, a bit faster on the head rush – cerebral stimulation. I’d recommend for the early heady vibe but the indica hasn’t hit yet.

Sin Mint Cookies is Pearl Pharma’s indica-dominant hybrid cross of Blue Power and Forum Cut GSC bred by Sin City Seeds. This powerhouse regularly finishes above 30% total cannabinoids, packed with THCa but also providing microdoses of CBGa and CBDa which are known for their therapeutic effects. The terpene profile creates a surprising aroma of cookie dough accompanied by mint and earthy undertones. This hybrid provides wonderful full body effects allowing you to feel relaxed and stress-free.

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Aroma: Minty, Chocolaty, Dense terpene profile

Structure: Great cure, nice nugs and trim. Sticky, but pulls apart with ease. Dark, cosmic purple bud with wild, fiery orange hairs.

Palate: Fresh Minty and what thin mints should taste like, very smooth

Effect: Very Very Relaxed even mix of body and head high 


Overall: @pearlpharms just nabbed 2nd place with this take home right now indica dominant from Pearl. 


The Fire Scale: 10/10 

Whaddya think of Sin Mints? Got a favorite strain that uses it in the cross? Who does the best cut?

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