Pain is one of the most common reasons for using cannabis. While some of the more well-known methods of using cannabis involve putting it into your body, did you know that you could also put it on your body? 

Cannabis topicals are an effective treatment for combating several types of pain, including muscle aches, muscle spasms, headaches, joint stiffness, and arthritis. They are also effective at treating uncomfortable skin issues like dry skin and sunburn. When used properly, you get the benefits of CBD and THC without the psychoactive effects.

Set Realistic Expectations

One of the first things you need to do to use cannabis topicals effectively is to set realistic expectations. While topicals, which come in the form of lotions, balms, tinctures, and more, can provide pain relief, they are not magical. Don’t expect severe pain to suddenly disappear because you applied a cannabis topical. While the topical can help to alleviate pain and make it more bearable, they won’t necessarily be able to cure the cause. 

Pick Your Spot

Before you apply your cannabis topical, you need to determine where you want it. Do you have a specific spot that’s causing your discomfort? Maybe you pulled a muscle at the gym or you have some tension in your shoulders. Perhaps you have a headache or your arthritis is acting up. Placing a topical in the right spot is essential for effective relief.

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Topicals can also be effective for relaxation. Instead of ingesting an edible or smoking, rub some of the topical onto pulse points. 

Clean Your Skin

Cannabis topicals should be applied to clean skin. Sweat, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants can affect the absorption of the topical, which then affects its effectiveness.

You don’t necessarily have to take a shower and completely scrub down. Cleaning the target area with warm soap and water is enough. Use a washcloth and gently scrub the area, rinse, and dry. 

Apply Your Topical

Apply your topical generously to the target area of your body. Use firm strokes and massage the skin to help the topical absorb more quickly. Be mindful not to apply too much pressure, though, as this can make your pain worse. 

After applying your first layer, don’t be afraid to add another. It’s not uncommon for people using topicals to apply them a second, or even third, time. 

Wash Your Hands

Unless you’re applying the cannabis topical specifically to your hands, such as for arthritis relief, you should be sure to wash your hands thoroughly once you’re done. Some topicals contain ingredients like capsaicin, citrus, or mint. These ingredients can cause significant discomfort if you touch your eyes or nose. If you are using the topical on your hands, be careful to not touch your face. 

Monitor Your Experience

Like any other cannabis product, topicals may take some time to get used to. Be mindful of your experience and what works best for you. Keeping track of how you use and apply topicals will help you to recreate the most effective results. 

When used properly, cannabis topicals are an effective solution for pain relief. They provide you with an excellent way to reap the benefits of THC and CBD without having to smoke or consume anything. You also don’t have to worry about any mind-altering effects. 

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