The cannabis industry is exploding leaving many people to wonder about hemp vs cannabis. Is it different? If so, what are the main differences and how do they affect the overall experience? 

It’s important to understand that hemp originates as a cannabis plant. During the initial growth stages, the plant becomes the “male hemp” or “female cannabis” AKA marijuana. Furthermore, the differences between the two become apparent immediately. Each manifesting in unique ways, chemically and how each is utilized by society and represented by Federal law.

The Hemp vs Cannabis Top 5 Insightshemp vs marijuana

1)  THC Changes Everything

The first main difference between the two species of cannabis is that hemp has less than 3% THC which means that it is not psychoactive. Whereas the female cannabis plant contains more than 3% THC making it a Schedule 1 drug according to Federal law.

2) Hemp is an Outdoor Crop

Hemp is generally an outdoor crop, maximizing plant size and quick growth cycles. While female cannabis plants are typically grown indoors where all of the environmental factors can be accounted for.

3) Industrial Utilization

Throughout history, civilizations understood the strength and versatility of hemp. Fibers from the plant were often used to make paper, rope, and even fine lace. In contrast, female cannabis has been used primarily for medicinal dosing and recreational enjoyment.

4) A Tall and Skinny Plant

The short, bushy appearance of female cannabis is great for producing potent THC rich flowers for medicinal purposes. While the tall and skinny presentation of hemp is ideal for creating strong stalks for superior fiber production.

5) CBD Conundrum

CBD derived from hemp is legal nationwide, while CBD from female cannabis can only be obtained in a licensed cannabis dispensary. With little to no regulations on hemp sourced CBD the opportunity for bogus or unsafe products exist. Furthermore, CBD sourced from female cannabis is subject to lab testing which protects the consumer and enables a fully transparent process.

Super Powers Exist in Both

Hemp and Cannabis share some similarities and a lot of differences. The main difference is that hemp isn’t psychoactive, therefore it isn’t a Schedule 1 drug. Furthermore, each has its special superpower. Hemp makes amazingly strong fiber and can be used for oil and numerous industrial purposes. While the female cannabis is a super healer, with all of the CBD included in hemp plus enough THC to get the most medicinal benefit.

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