Giving Back

Inspired by Nature

Green Kong is a proud supporter of the WWF

Green Kong is proud to support gorillas as part of its giving back to this often misunderstood species. Gorillas are our closest cousins and have many similarities to
humans. They can laugh and show sadness, just like us, and share many of our emotions.

They are also endangered.

According to a 2010 United Nations report they may disappear from large parts of the Congo Basin by the mid-2020s. One of the reasons they are facing extinction is because like humans, they reproduce slowly. They may only have three or four babies in their lifetime and then spending several years caring for the infant.

Their habitat is also being destroyed at an alarming rate. Gorillas are also killed for bush meat and are susceptible to the Ebola virus, which is deadly to them as well as us.

Green Kong is proud to have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to support efforts to protect this majestic species. The organization is support Ecotourism to assist with protecting their environment.

It is also monitoring populations, researching the ecology, population biology and distribution of gorillas. WWF also has a ranger-based monitoring program for mountain gorillas.