A trip to the cannabis dispensary is the best way to immerse yourself into the world of edible cannabis. There you will find a wide product selection and helpful cannabis experts that can help you learn about edible dosing and formulas. Now that recreational cannabis use is legal in California it seems like a new cannabis-infused edible product comes into the market every day. Therefore, it’s important to be informed and understand the “do’s and don’ts” of eating cannabis.

Edible Dosing for the Best Outcome

The first thing to understand about eating cannabis (unless it’s a sublingual product) is that it doesn’t hit you right away. That’s because it needs to travel through the digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. This is why many people get into trouble with cannabis edibles. After eating some and feeling no different, they eat more and ultimately become “too high” when it’s all digested.

Edible brands are conscious of the fact that their customers can overdo it, so they have developed low dose cannabis edibles. Most products have a standard dose of 5mg-10mg, which enables the consumer to titrate and find the perfect dose. Moreover, following the proven guideline of “start low and go slow” can be the best way to ease into a ‘feel-good’ edibles experience.

Finding the Right Edible

The “right” edible really comes down to personal preference. The real story here is that there is an edible to satisfy every type of palate. A veritable Willy Wonka of cannabis confectionaries awaits at most dispensaries. Gummies, drinks, chocolates, hard candy, tinctures, you dreamt it and the cannabis industry has built it.

That’s why a trip to the dispensary can be the best way to find the right edible. Once there you can ask the cannabis expert to show you top brands and explain insights about the different products.

CBD oilDon’t Overdo It

It’s really easy to overdo it on cannabis edibles because they taste so good. Therefore, it’s crucial to start with the standard dose of 10mg or less and wait at least an hour before ingesting more.  Additionally, CBD counteracts the effects of THC, so keeping a bottle of CBD only oil on hand can neutralize a bad trip.

Edibles are one of the most convenient, discreet, and delicious ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Consumers that take the time to learn about edible dosing and the different cannabis-infused edibles products that are available, will set themselves up for the best possible outcome. Visit Green Kong and let one of our cannabis experts introduce you to top-quality edibles brands and discuss your objectives.

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